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Dark In Here

tabbed by renanjerk on ultimate guitar, corrected by Rosa

You can vamp between Dm and Dm7 to replicate the feel of the bassline; this really comes out in the outro

Dm Dm F A7 x2
 Dm                   F                A7
Steal away at sundown, pick a place to hide
Dm                        F               A7
Check for signs of ambush, hunker down inside
Gm         C                Dm
 Tired of running, tired of never standing still
Gm C             Dm
      Hear them riding up the hill

Dm                 A7                     Gm
Men whose ribs are showing through their skin, bringing up the rear
Dm              F               A#           Dm
 It’s high noon somewhere, it’s dark in here

Stack my ammunition, be ready when you come
You who thirst for action, I will give you some
When the smoke dies down, you can rest assured
      We will know who kept his word
You who stood so proud once, I can taste your fear
You blazed like torches, it’s dark in here

               Gm       D#               Dm
It’s dark as a coal mine filling up with gas
Gm D#           A#             A
       I stand ready for the blast
Will you be ready when your moment comes?
Will your hand be steady when you reach down for your guns?
Did you leave your house in order when you came for me?
 Is this really where you meant to be?

Just beyond your limits, find the new frontier
I live in the darkness, it’s dark in here

Dm F A# Dm (4x)
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