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Design Your Own Container Garden

tabbed by mike/howardfinkel483

E   A

E                       A
I took to the highway, went out to pico-crenshaw.
E               A
old friends, old friends.

I took to the highway.
A                              E       A
The highway took to me like a second skin.

B                      A
rolled around in the evening,
circling like a buzzard.
trouble in mind.

E               A        B      E
excavating the space we left behind.

yes I took trinkets with me. left them by the crater.
here ghosts, old ghosts.

smelled all the chlorine. I took the low road 
where the light was just right.

crawled around in the glowing,
all embracing wreckage.
sunburned and snow-blind.

excavating the space we left behind.
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