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tabbed by Russ Sweetser

Mountain Goats - Downtown Seoul
From the album "Sweden"
written my john darnielle
tabbed by Russ Sweetser (


the chords all alternate between the following forms:
A x02220
A x02020

D xx0232
D xx0202

G 320033
G 320003

D(with A string as root, i.e. (x00232)) G  D

D           G               D
there was a new song on the air. 
D          G    D           D
I saw you coming across the square. 
      A                   G                 D
and a white bird broke the dark korean sky 
D                 A             D
as the rest of my life went by 
D          G               D
I had your warm hand on my face. 
D                           G               
I took your index finger in between my teeth, 
and I held it gently in place. 
it was resting lightly on my tongue in there. 
I saw you shaking in the cold korean air. 
D                               A
there but for the grace of the lord of song 
       G                            D
I would be this very second and I'm coming right along. 
A              G
you had your cardigan on. 
I looked toward the sky and the white bird was gone. 
A               G
I remember your eyelids. 
D                     A               G
I remember your body now. 
D   A   G  D  
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