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Ending The Alphabet

tabbed by Alex Glasnovic (

I haven't got the plucking down on this, I just fiddle with the strings and it begins to sound okay. :)

C F7 (sometimes you want to pluck the high E, third fret)

we've got the brightest skylight
like a vision of heaven on the evening sky.
C                                         F7                           
and a clocktower two block from the spot where i'm standing tonight.

C F7 (x2)

the avenues are throbbing with people.
and the late sunlight makes them all look like angels.
and the transformation is seamless.
they are unbearably bright.
C                       G
i can almost hear their voices
C                                 F7
as i walk past them all toward the water.
C                            G
what is there left in a city like this
C                        F7
when everyone you know is gone?
C                             G              C
i saw the wind wash them all away and i was freezing.

C F7
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