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Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy of Grace

-tabbed by Mike Wojciechowski (Corrections by willneu97)

I like to play it with a capo on 7 so you can easily do the melody JD does on Piano

(if it doesn't sound right, try muting the high e string on the Am chords)

C F Am

Am             C        F               Am
The clouds explode and then the desert blooms
C             F                Am               
Someone will need to mop this floor for me
         C       F        Em  
When I emerge I find my car
F  Em           F                          Am
     Like a cathedral in a dream of the future

Em              F
Drive 'til the rain stops
Keep driving

Pull over and blast off when I get the chance
Clear as an insect's wings in sunlight
Flip on the high stakes radio
Try to sing the words right

Drive 'til the rain stops
Keep driving

I had his arms tied up behind him
We were together all day
Maybe make Culiacan by sunset
Try to anyway

High as the clouds now
Drive 'til the rain stops
Keep driving 
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