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Fall of the Star High School Running Back by the Mountain Goats
tabbed by Jonovox


D A G Riff
D Em G A
D A G Riff

	      D A G
Sophomore year
    D		  Em	     G		       A	       D A G
You rushed for an average of eight and a third yards per carry
G		 A
All eyes were on you

	   D A G
Junior year
D	  Em		 G	     A
Blew your knee out at an out-of-town game
G		  A
Nowhere to go but down, down, down
D				G
Nothing but the ground left for you to fall to


	D A G
By July
      D		   Em	    G	      A
You'd made a whole bunch of brand new friends
G			A
People you used to look down on,
		    D A        G
And you'd figured out a way to make real money
      D		   Em		  G    A
Given ends to your friends and it felt stupendous,
G		      A
Chrome spokes on your Japanese bike,
    Bb		       A
But selling acid was a bad idea
    D			      G
And selling it to a cop was a worse one

    D 			    A			    D
The new laws said that seventeen-year-olds could do federal time
you were the first one
     D 			G
So I sing this song for you
D		   G
William Staniforth Donahue,
     D			       Asus4
Your grandfather rode the boat over from Ireland
    D		       G
But you made a bad decision or two, yeah

D A G Riff
D Em G A
D A G Riff
D Em G A
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