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The Flower Song

tab by Jack

The song is in D flat, so like many early Mountain Goats songs, the guitar is tuned a half-step down. 
He does a riff during the intro between some of the chords. I think its just:


Could be wrong, not super great at hearing out riffs. 
There might also be a different riff thrown in there, but I can’t make it out. 


D riff G riff D A x2

D                  G
Selling new flowers outrageously cheap
D                   A
Freshly cut daisies, twenty-five cents each
     D                                               G
You loved me when you could keep your losses down       
                            D              A
But winter's coming around now, now, now, now

D riff G riff D A x2

D                          G
The girl at the flower shop is kind and young
D                               A
She made accurate change for me, I let the change come
         D                                     G
And you loved me when it was cheap to do so
                                 D              A
Can you feel the cold wind blow now, now, now, now?

D riff G riff D A x2
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