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Game Shows Touch Our Lives

tab by Dan - dtrom4 at aol

G - 320033
C - x32033 (Cadd9)
F - xx3033 (F6sus2)
D - xx0232

INTRO: [G] [C] [F] x4

[verse pattern]
Dug up a fifth of Hood River gin
That stuff tastes like medicine
[F] [C] [G]
But I'll take it It'll do

[verse pattern]
On the couch in the living room all day long
Music on the television playing our song
I'm in the mood, the mood for you

[G] [C] [F] x2

[verse pattern]
Turn the volume up real high
All of that money, look at it fly
And you smoking, like a chimney

Shadows crawled across the living room's length
I held onto you with a desperate strength
With everything, with everything in me

[chorus pattern]
[D] [C]
And I handed you a drink of the lovely little thing
On which our survival depends
[D] [C]
People say friends don't destroy one another
[C] [D]
What do they know about friends?

[G] [C] [F] x2

[verse pattern]
Thunderclouds forming cream white moon
Everything's going to be okay soon
Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day

Carried you up the stairs that night
All of this could be yours if the price is right
I heard cars headed down to oblivion, up on the expressway

[chorus pattern]
Your drunken kisses as light as the air
[C] [G]
Maybe everything that falls down eventually rises
Our house sinking into disrepair
[C] [G]
Ah but look at this showroom filled with fabulous prizes

Outro: [G] [C] [F] x4 
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