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Going To Kansas

tabbed (well, I watched a video of him playing and just transcribed the chords) by Alex Glasnovic (Gray.Fox at Gmail dot com)

7A = A Frame on the 7th Fret

7A A (x3)

7A                          A        7A
you were all were dressed in green 
                           A                    7A
clouds bounced against the edges of the sky. 
                              A            E
you had the prettiest hair I'd ever seen. 
we saw the world passing by. 

there was an ocean's droning, 
though we were nowhere near the shore. 
we heard each other giggling and moaning, 
then we couldn't hear each other any more. yeah. 

when my head was resting on your breast bone, 
I could hear your beating heart. 
24 hours later, you had left me completely alone. 
I heard the whole world come apart. 

and you were all dressed in green
rising in the sky was an unfamiliar star. 
                          A       E
you know, you know what I mean. 
yeah I remember who you are.
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