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Going to Lebanon 2
Tabbed by Jonathon McCullough

Most of these seem to be power chords played in an E shape.

Cm	 Ab	      Bb  Eb Db Cm
We came down to the shore

Cm	    Ab		     Bb	   Eb Db Ab
Always some desperate people there

Ab	    Bb		  Eb	   Ab	Cm
Anywhere people congregate for pleasure

Ab			   Cm	Ab Cm
They'll go hunting for treasure

Cm	       Ab		       Bb    Eb Db Cm
Come one, come all, fortune-seeking brothers

Cm	    Ab		       Bb	   	
Pick up the faint, faint scent 

Bb			    Eb Db Ab
of the faith of our fathers

Ab		 Bb		 Eb Ab Cm
Their names were known once to me

Cm		Ab			     Cm Ab
I hear them sometimes on the Song of the Sea

F	     G		  Cm
Take note of what will be gone

		   Ab   Cm
In the blink of an eye

The blue, blue water
The bone-white sky

You can set your watch by these guys
We will be high on the highway
Before they've even opened their eyes
Picture them scouring the sanctuary
Looking for gold
It never gets old

But there is no gold and there is no silver
And the South takes what the North delivers
Reverse the circuit sometimes
Every couple seasons
Remember our grandfathers
Whenever we need a reason

Take note of what will be gone
In the blink of an eye
The blue, blue water
The bone-white sky
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