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Going to Mexico

tabbed by Alex Glasnovic ( and Rosa

to play along with the album tune down about a half step.

D-number: play a D-shape on the numbered fret (D-9 = x-x-0-9-10-9)

Intro: D-9 D-10 D9-10 | D-9 D-10 D-12 D-14 | x2 (listen to the song for the rhythm)

G                 D
I saw you at your window
G                D
I saw you in the sun
G                D              Asus4
I saw you in the window looking out

          D          G
I reached my hand in there
     D              G
then I touched your hair 
    G           D            A   D
and felt myself burn in the morning


and the chickens were screaming
black dog at my heels
and the bluejays were coughing up in the trees

I'd forgotten my name 
I felt kind of ashamed
and felt myself burn in the morning. 


I saw you at your window
at the beginning of summer
and invisible stars sent their heat down

I imagined your touch
it was almost too much
burned like a bonfire in the mooooooooorning

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