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Going to Queens

tabbed by matador breckle.

minor correction: all A's should start as Asus4 and move to regular A on the last strum like so:

D  Asus4 A  G  D (2x)

D             A     G
The ghostly sing-song
Of the children playing double-dutch

D                                A
I felt the wind come through the window
G                         D
I felt it turn around and switch back
In thesecond story room

G                D
In jamaica queens
D                          A
Your hair was dripping wet
G             D
Your skin was clean
D                         A
And the children skipping rope
G                    D
Tripled their speed
You were all I'd ever wanted
G                      D
You were all I'd ever need
In new york city
In the middle of july
G                     D
The air was heavy and wet
The air was heavy, your body was heavy on mine
G                        D
I will know who you are yet
                        A    D  A  G  D (3x)  D  D  D
I will know who you are yet
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