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The Mountain Goats
Nothing for Juice

Transcribed by Jon A.

Tune down 1/2 step except for the B string - Eb/Ab/Db/Gb/B/Eb - tuning of the B string is not changed.

All chords are named as if in standard tuning:
Am(maj7) - x02100
Am - x02200
Cmaj7 - x35400
C - x35500
D7 - x5770x
B5(b9) - x2440x
E5(b6) - 079900

Am(maj7)  Am  Cmaj7  C C-Cmaj7-C-Cmaj7 x2

Am(maj7)                 Am
  When the seashells crumbled in your hand
Cmaj7                    C  C-Cmaj7-C-Cmaj7
  You looked up up at me
Am(maj7)                  Am
  And the sand shifting underneath your feet
    Cmaj7              C
Softened for you and incredibly 
The sun went through from the sky
          B5(b9)                    E5(b6)
And I was certain I was going to cry

But then you reached up
And you reached out
                 D7                  Am
We'd been staring at the water all day

And then you touched me
              C    D7
You were golden
You were giving the game away

When the sand crabs ran across your face
You didn't even twitch
And a soft scent came across the water
Impossibly rich
Impossibly cold
            C                   E5(b6)
We were just nineteen years old

And then you reached up 
And you reached out
We'd been staring at the water all day
and then you touched me
You were golden
You were giving the game away
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