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"It's All Here In Brownsville"
The Mountain Goats
Full Force Galesburg

Transcribed by Jon A.

Standard tuning.

Eb/Bb: 668886
Fm/C : 8 8 10 10 9 8
Bb   : 688766
Ab   : 466544
Bb/F : 113331

Eb/Bb                 Fm/C
  Meanwhile out where nothing starts
Bb                         Eb/BB
  Out where the railyard ends
Eb/Bb                       Fm/C
  Sun up above us was trying to kill himself
         Bb                     Eb/Bb
  We were watching the skies again

Ab                              Eb/Bb
  Why do we come down to Brownsville
Bb                         Eb/Bb
  Year after year after year
Eb/Bb                          Fm/C
  This was the question we never even posed
Bb                             Eb/Bb
  Ringing like a siren in our ears

Eb/Bb                     Fm/C
  Down on the Mexican border
Bb                       Eb/Bb
  In the unfathomable heat
Eb/Bb                      Fm/C
  With our shirts tied around our waists
Bb                     Eb/Bb
  And the world at our feet

Ab                            Eb/Bb
  We looked at one another's bodies
Bb                       Eb/Bb
  Figured we looked alright
Eb/Bb                  Fm/C
  Ready to die if we had to
Bb                       Eb/Bb
  Watching the skies all night
  And I was
Ab                    Eb/Bb
  Sure my heart would break
              Bb                   Eb/Bb
  When the sun sank down into California
  I felt your breath on my neck, it was hot and good and pure
Bb                  Eb/Bb
  And I wanted to warn you

Eb/Bb                      Ab
  It's all coming apart again
Eb/Bb                      Bb
  It's all coming apart again
Eb/Bb                      Ab
  It's all coming apart again
  It's all coming apart again

Eb/Bb   Fm/C   Bb    Eb/Bb
Eb/Bb   Fm/C   Bb/F  Eb/Bb
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