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Lion's Teeth

by John Darnielle
tab by JBM, chord timing by Benjamin Havey

Em G C Em
Em G D C-B

Em                    G
The king of the jungle
C                    Em
Was asleep in his car
Em                             G
When your chances fall in your lap like that
D                               C                   B
You've gotta recognize them for what they really are
Em                  G
Nobody in this house
C                           Em
Wants to own up to the truth
Em                     G
I crawl in shotgun and reach into his mouth
D                    C               B
And grab hold of one long sharp tooth

            Em A Em
And hold on
For dear life
          Em A Em B
I hold on

Well of course he wakes up
His paw hits the horn
I am gonna regret
The day that I was born
And then mom
Rushes out to the driveway
My sister too
Everyone's screaming
I am dreaming of you

I hold on
For dear life
I hold on

C                   Em
And my arms get sore
C                           Em
And my palms start to sweat
C                  Em          G
And the tears roll down my face
C                          B
Till my cheeks are hot and red and soaking wet

In come the cops
They blowtorch the doors
I start wailing
The lion roars
There's no good way to end this
Anyone can see
There's this great big you
And little old me

And we hold on
For dear life
We hold on
We hold on
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