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Philippians 3:20-21

On the dvd it appears John is playing D, Asus4, G, D for the main chord progression. (Asus4 = x02230)
-tabbed by Mike Wojciechowski

D E7 G D
D E7 G D

the path to the awful room
that no one will sleep in again
was lit for one man only
gone where none can follow him

try to look down
the way he'd gone
back of a closet
whose steps go on and on and on

Bm                            E
nice people said he was with god then
             G       D
safe in his arms

but the voices of the angels
that he heard on his last days with us
smoke alarms

D E7 G D

well the path to the palace of wisdom
that the mystics walked
is lined with neuroleptics
and electric shock

hope daily for healing
try not to go insane
dance in a circle with bells on
try to make it rain

and nice people say
he had gone on to god now
safe in his arms, safe in his arms

but the voices of the angels
singing to him in his last hours with us
smoke alarms, smoke alarms
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