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Pure Sound

For most of the song, just play the chord once and then mute the strings
and strum until the next chord. At then end on the line "you were nineteen",
stop with the muting and just play the chords as normal. Listen to the song
to see what I'm talking about.

E    : 022100
B    : x24442
A    : x02220
D    : x57775


E B A x E B A x

The air was cooling down
The sky was blue
I was heading north on Taylor street
     E          B
When I ran into you
              A    A
We stopped to talk
E                 B
Right there on the sidewalk
    A               B
The air was new and clean
         A   B   E     B A x E B A x
I was in between times

The mountain were clearly visible
And your timing was cruel
         A                                           E           B
You said almost everything right and your eyes shone like little jewels
        D      A
We were talking while the temperature dropped
I was hoping against hope
That real would stop
You were nineteen
           B     E     B A x E B A A E B A A (and so on)
I was in between times
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