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Tabbed by: Chris (

I'm assuming this song is in drop D, like some (all?) of the others on Black Pear Tree, though for
the parts I tabbed at least, it's certainly not needed. All I have though is the intro and a 
chorus that's probably wrong...Try and add to it? :)

The stuff in parenthesis can be omitted and it'll still sound more or less the same.

Crazy chorus chords (maybe)

  E*   F*  G*  

Intro/verse fills:                       Chorus fills:

 #1                   #2                    #3                 #4

Am                 Am                  G*
-----------       -1-0--------         -----------------    ------------------------
---1-------       -1---3-1----         ---10--8--10--8--    -8/10--8------9---------
-2---2-----       -2----------         -(7)-------------    ----------5/7---7--5\---
-2---------       -2----------        (9)---------------    ------------------------
-------0---       ------------         -----------------    ------------------------
-----------       ------------         -----------------    ------------------------
                                                            (/=slide up, \=slide down)

Roger Patterson Van

Intro= C Am #1  C Am #2  C Am #1  C Am

C              Am     #1       C      Am            #2
Kelly said the van was streaked with broken sides of you,
C         Am     #1   C                      Am
Tapes and magazines, all your goodness beaming through
Sorting through your suitcase by the highway in the sun
Somewhere in Louisiana where you really need to run; your legs
     E*   F*    G*    #3     E*   F*        G*  #3
Will bend    and buckle,   there is nowhere to go 
 (E* F* G*)x2         #4
So you walk sideways (?)

Two sad young men one February, digging through a wreck
Cleaning out the tour van, check and double check
Nothing left inside now, nothing left to do
Empty out the empties, half this stuff belongs to you
When you throw down something heavy, you’ve gotta watch your back

So you walk sideways
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