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"Scotch Grove"
The Mountain Goats
The Coroner's Gambit

Transcribed by Jon A.

Tuning: DADGAD (+1/4 step sharp on the record.)

D5: xx0200
Dm: x x 0 10 8 0
G5/D: x x 0 12 10 0
D5(type 2): x x 0 14 12 00
D7sus4: xx0030
D9(no 3rd): xx0570
Am11: x02230
Am11(type 2): x07500
Am7(11): x05500
Am6(11): x03500
D5(type 3): 000200

  3 e + a 4 e + a


D5  Dm  G5/D  D5  Fill
D5  Dm  G5/D  D5(type 2) D5

D5                              Dm
  On the way home from the party,
G5/D                            D5
  Neither of us said a word
  Leanne Rimes on the car stereo
  Sang that song you know I hate,
  The one about the blackbird
  And the rain came down on the windshield
  I wished it would wash us both away
D5                              D7sus4
  You had to open up your mouth, didn't you?
D9(no 3rd)                      D5
  I knew what you were gonna say
  And you were Bluebeard's wife
  Am11(type 2)                          D5
  Opening every cupboard, trying to find the smoking gun

  And I told you
  I told you
Am11(type 2)                 D5
  I told you not to open that one

D5  Am11  Am11(type 2) Am7(11) Am6(11) D5 - play four times, last time end on D5(type 3)
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