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See America Right

thanks to jacob mccartney

Intro and beginning of each verse = 

Em open - Em open - Em open - Em open - Em open - Em open - Em open - Em open

Am open - Am open - Am open - Am open - Em open - Em open - Em open - Em open

open  = ADGBE strings open, except leave your finger on the B string during the Am-open.

I was driving up from Tampa

When the radiator burst

I was three sheets to the wind

A civilian saw me first
And then there was the cop
And then the children standing on the corner
    C                               B   
Your love is like a cyclone in a swamp
And the weather's getting warmer

I was getting out of jail
Heading to the Greyhound
You said you'd hop on one yourself
And meet me on the way down
I was shaking way too hard to think
Dead on my feet about to drop
Went and got the case of vodka from a car
And walked the two miles to the bus stop

Got on the bus half drunk again
The driver glared at me
Met up with you in Inglis
Thumbed a ride to Cedar Key
If we never make it back to California
I want you to know I love you
But my love is like a dark cloud full of rain
That's always right there up above you
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