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Song for my Stepfather, by the Mountain Goats Really beautiful song, twiddle the top E string a bit during the breaks.

D            G                   A
you have got that look in your eye
       D                     G                   A
in the pin prick point where kindness comes to die
        F#m       D            G    A
I'll be six years old next year
             D  G  A
you erase me

you'll be sorry. you always feel sorry later on.
when you come around to say so, I will be gone.
and in my place meet my letter perfect body double.

you erase me

F#m        D            G            A
when I got bigger I set out on my own
F#m               D
took up the reins myself all for you
G                                      A
dug the spurs in clean down to the bone.

but all that comes later, now there's only you and me
And the replica where my body used to be.
you can go ahead and hit him, he feels no pain at all.

you erase me.
you erase me.

-Tabbed by Benjamin Havey

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