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In the twinkling of an eye, my sentence gets passed
And I drop to the ground and I go slithering through the grass
        Am              C          Em
Carving out battle lines as I crawl

Find a hollow branch to rest in, slip inside
Wait for mice to poke their heads in, jaw hinged open wide
       Am        C                      Em
Hang by, my tail, listening for the call

Bm                  Am                   Em
Cos someday, someday the call will sound
Bm            Am                               Em
We all, we all are gonna get up from the ground

Feel the wet leaves pressed against me, cling like drowning men
Try to hoist myself up right, again, try again, 
Hold on to the memories all night

And where my legs and arms once spouted, skin is smooth and slick
Rub the smooth spots on some rough rocks, I feel cold and sick
Hold on to the battle plan, hold tight

Cos someday, someday, the call will sound
We all, we all are gonna get up from the ground.
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