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Been trying to tab this out for months, finally had an epiphany. If you have any corrections, feel free to edit over what I have.

       D                 Bm
if you prick us don't it sting?
       G                D
if you kick us won't it hurt?
     G                    D          G                      A
I am wrapped in scraps of linen and pieces of people's old shirts.
    D           Bm     G                 D     G               D    G                 A
but way way underneath all these sticky bands, I hold all my dreams right here in my hands.

           Bm            D          Em                     G
I will rise from the tomb like an infant emerging from the womb.

D Bm G D G D G A

        D                Bm     G              D
I spent several thousand years down here all alone.
G          D        G                      A
no way to stand the lonely old ache in my bones.
D                   Bm      G                    D
say the spell three times, crank up the special effects,
           G               D           G                A
I'm gonna cast off all my bandages and see what happens next.

       Bm            D              Em              G
I will rise fully formed like an infant freshly born.
          G           D     C              G
I've been trapped too long, underneath the ground.
              D                      G                   C
in the hollow darkness but ain't no grave gonna hold my body down.
Bm              D                                    Em                       G             A
I will push my hand up through the earth and I will rise like the cry of an infant at it's birth

ah ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah ah
                     G    D       
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah   ah ah ah ah ah ah 

D Bm G D G D A G
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