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Torch Song

tabbed by steve russell: sfrussell at gmail dot com

Intro A D(only gets two beats as it is played much faster live so I guess it's like an A/D)

the sun was coming up, and our friend was sound asleep.
but we saw through the window, that the water ran so deep,
that you couldn't make out, the ocean floor,
then I saw you in the light. I couldn't take it any more.

give me your hand.
give me everything you've got.
and the light from window will fall on us burning hot,
just like a torch.

the air was humid; I will not forget.
when we stepped outside, I hear your footsteps.
now in my mind, it's a soft sound,
almost imperceptible, against the giving ground.

let me kiss your eyelids with my lips.
let me feel the heat coming off your fingertips,
just like a torch. 
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