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tabbed by: stephenp182

Intro: G, C

G              C                      G
I came sliding down the right pathway
                       C                G
I was shining like a migraine headache 
I came calling with my voice newly polished
   G                                   C
my throat was reflecting things you had left in the air 
G                     C   F                C
and I could taste the air it was hot in my lungs
G      C          F                               << on these second lines of the "chorus" instead of playing the C a second time seems to be a muted F.
it was strange to be in there without you 
G              C      F      C
light from the window burn my eyes 
G        C        F
and that tells me something about you. 

I sold my soul to the man down the hallway 
and I crept lightly into the next room 
what was left of your heartbeat burned so brightly 
I could feel the light inside I tightened up inside 
when I was in the places you have been in I could hear water 
like I remembered hearing water around you 
it became clear in my mind the way the building was set up 
and that tells me something about you. 

The traces you left gave off a weird sequence of lines 
and I marked everything in the building with a mark that only I could recognize 
and the things in my memory lined up next to each other they started to burn 
and then the smell of your hair came alive within in me i mean it came alive in me 
when I saw you there something inside me changed 
and thats the last time I'll ever doubt you 
there were animal sounds ringing within the walls 
and that tells me something about you.

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