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Wait for You
by The Mountain Goats
tabbed by Jonathan Bliss
      and Andy Moskowitz

play 5ths (power chords) where not indicated

D# F#-E (2x)

D# F#-E
when it came time to wait for you
I took the bus to malibu
found a cafe by the ocean
watched the sky for signs

B D#
and a rainbow in the west
B D#-F#
wrapped its coils around the earth like a serpent
B D#-F#
I felt like I was going to suffocate

B D#

but I knew this was not the day
you would find me come my way
but I waited all the same
watched the water through the window

and a rainbow in the west
held its head beneath the waves and grew dimmer
nothing anyone could do I suppose

B D#
D#m F# E (4x)
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