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Wild Sage


G                                     A7
I leave the house as soon as it gets light outside
C               G
Like a prisoner breaking out of jail
G                            A7
And I steal down to business 15-501
C                   G
Like I had a bounty hunter on my tail
And somebody stops to pick me up
But he drops me off just down the block

                  G      Em
And along the highway
           C             G
Where the empty spirits breed
           D              G
Wild sage growing in the weeds

Walk down the soft shoulder and I count my steps
Headed vaguely eastward, sun in my eyes
And I lose my footing and I skin my hands breaking my fall
And I laugh to myself and look up at the skies
And then I think I hear angels in my ears
Like marbles being thrown against a mirror

And along the highway
Where unlucky stray dogs bleed
Wild sage growing in the weeds

F        C                   G            F        C
And somedays I don't miss my family
                G       F
And somedays I do
     C                     G                 Em
Somedays I think I'd feel better if I tried harder
C                          D7
Most days I know it's not true

I lay down right where I felt cold grass in my face
And I hear the traffic like the rhythm of the tides
And I stare at the scrape on the heel of my hand
Till it doesn't sting so much and until the blood's dried
And when somebody asks if I'm okay
I don't know what to say

And along the highway
From cast off innumerable seeds
Wild sage growing in the weeds

F   C   G
F   C   G
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