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Tabbed by Full Force Hi-Fi

Em7 B C x2 (it's basically this the whole song. P.S. C is played for 2 beats)

Em7              B
Crank that siren high
Drain the wellspring dry

Map out your coordinates

Em7 B C

Em7                 B
Send out scouts by day
Dole out mercenary pay

For restless young subordinates

Em7 B
It never hurts to give thanks to the local gods
                            Em7      B C
You never know who might be hungry
                  Em7                                  B C
It never hurts to scan the windows on the upper floor
        C                                         Em
I saw a face there once before when I was younger

Em7 B C x2

Em7           B
Set the torch aflame
Call the night by name
                    Em7       B C
Stake out your dark position
Em7       B
Lie in wait
By the gleaming city gate

Try not to lose sight of the mission

Em7 B

It never hurts to give thanks to the broken bones
                              Em7 B C
You had to use to build your ladder

Em7             B
Moment close at hand
Half of you will never understand
                         Em7 B C
And it doesn't really matter

Em7(D)          B
Big smile on my face
Capsule just in case
               Em7 B C
Underneath my tongue
Em7           B           
Voices on the breeze
C              D                            Em
I heard voices once like these when I was younger

G                    Em7
Blood rushing to my face
C                      Bm
I know that sweet warm taste
And the bitter trace

Em7                   B
Storm right down that hill
If I don’t, no one will
                             Em7 B C
Follow me right through the chaos

Em7                  B
This whole house is doomed
Even the big parts get consumed

Prepare a grave for Menelaus

Em7 B
It never hurts to give thanks to the navigator
                                     Em7 B C
Even when he's spitting out random numbers
Em7                       B
I knew what those figures meant
And what they hoped to represent

When I was younger

Sweet Sax Solo while you keep that Em7 B C going!
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