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           D                 F#m           Em     G A
I told her I don't like this any more than you do
             D                F#m           Em     G A
She said you know as well as I do that that's untrue
               Bm         Bb           Bm                Bb
It's just the kind of situation you exploit to your own ends
     F#m        B7               E7                   G  A
The erotic sublimation on which all great art depends

I should've known that when she called me on the carpet
It was for more than tracking mud through her apartment
          Bm                 Bb              Bm                 Bb  C
She said I guess I should be happy that you brought the outside in
    C       Dm    A      G                 
But honey, you've become impossible
C  C#dim7 Dm       A    G      C C#dim7
To argue with, or live without.
            Bm       G   D F#m  E7
My patience might be inexhaustible
       D      C  G   F#m G
But it might run out

I made a liar out of myself back when I swore
That I would be a noncombatant in this price war
But I guess I never bargained on your billion dollar grin
you've become impossible
To reason with, or do without
The propositions paradoxical
But it might work out

Dm A7  Am7 (disregard this, havent finished this part)

It's not the 18th brumaire or some street sixteen affair
Another bachelor strip fair

Like the measure of brutality keeps anarchy at bay
It's the use of rationality that speeds its own decay
I told her if there's something on your mind just speak up
She just kept on staring down into her fur-lined tea cup
You've become impossible
To reckon with or figure out
Though these conclusions are implausible
Still I've got my doubts.
Yeah, I've got my doubts.
Yeah, I've got my doubts.
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