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First tMG song: Alpha Sun Hat

Favorite tMG song: Pure Sound

Most recent tMG concert: ZOOP! 07

tMG/tEG Songs I've Tabbed

and maybe more, I cannot remember.

I've tabbed a few songs.
I know a lot of information about other songs, but not fully enough to tab them. These songs include:
Going To Palestine
Somebody Elses Parking Lot In Santa Cruz
Pure Gold
Going To Bristol
Hello, Old Rabbit
Are You Cleaning Off The Stone?
I Corinthians 13: 8-10
Alpha In Tauris
Radical Evil Song
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Ice Cream, Cobra Man
New Star Song
Pure Crystal
Pure Sound
The Extra Glenns - Adultery
Korean Bird Paintings

If anybody is interested in completing these tabs send me a line at

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